15 Easy Airplane Outfits That Are As Cute As They Are Cozy — All $50 or Under at Amazon (2024)

A good airplane outfit is crucial to the flying experience. Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable, constricted, itchy, or cold on a plane, and I can attest as a travel writer that it’s often much colder on planes than you remember from the last time. (What is it about short-term plane memory? I don’t remember the seats feeling this uncomfortable every time…)

That’s why you need a go-to warm airplane outfit that’ll keep you snug, cozy, and feeling good (while also looking good). But not all plane outfits are made equal. A matching set or lounge set is usually a great bet for keeping comfortable and warm all day —and it’s low maintenance, too.

Here are some of the best cozy and warm airplane outfits I could find. Best part? They’re all under $50, and all available on Amazon. (Thank goodness for Prime.)

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Ekouaer 3-Piece Set

15 Easy Airplane Outfits That Are As Cute As They Are Cozy — All $50 or Under at Amazon (1)

Can you get any more polished? This three-piece set features a scoop neck tank top with ruching on the side, elasticized pants, and a long cardigan duster. Made from a breathable, light fabric, it’s warm without being overly heavy — perfect for maneuvering through busy airports and keeping comfy on the plane. I love that you can wrap the cardigan around yourself almost like a blanket when you’re on the plane, and it’s super soft. (Psst… you can also use it as a straight-up blanket on the plane.) The best part is that you can wear the three pieces separately in your everyday life, making the purchase a win-win-win.

Fixmatti Women's 2 Piece Outfit

15 Easy Airplane Outfits That Are As Cute As They Are Cozy — All $50 or Under at Amazon (2)

Featuring a crewneck sweatshirt and drawstring bottoms, this classic set comes in 26 colors — so fair warning, you’ll probably end up buying more than one once you try it. The sweatshirt has lantern sleeves, so you’ll look great but also have plenty of room (no constriction here). The cropped jogger pants are perfect for every size, but especially for us petite gals who always worry whether the pant legs will be too long —no one wants to hem sweatpants. A super comfy polyester knit, it’s ideal for both the plane and lounging at home. Plus, the pants do have pockets!

Aleumdr Two-Piece Half Zip Sweatshirt Outfit

15 Easy Airplane Outfits That Are As Cute As They Are Cozy — All $50 or Under at Amazon (3)

This outfit looks expensive, yet is under $50. The pleating in the pants and the lines in the half-zip sweater give this set a super elevated look, while the oversized mock neck is both useful (zip it up for warmth) and just plain stylish. Made of poly-cotton and lined in fleece, this set is amazingly warm and comfortable, and the best part is it sizes up to XX-Large, which you don’t always find in these sets, sadly. Coming in 7 colors, it’s absolutely one of my favorite airport outfits (I also wear the half-zip on its own with jeans and a tank top).

Anrabess Women’s Two-Piece Outfit

15 Easy Airplane Outfits That Are As Cute As They Are Cozy — All $50 or Under at Amazon (4)

This set is ideal for going from plane to sightseeing (think: as you wait to check into your hotel or Airbnb). A cap-shoulder knit, slightly cropped sweater pairs beautifully with a high-waist tapered knit pant in a slouchy fit. And with a different color for the top and bottom but in complementary tones, it’s an outfit that will look super stylish while still providing comfort and warmth during your flight. Other reviewers also love how stylish it looks, and they note that both pieces are both substantial and have some heft —in a good way. They’ll keep their shape as you wear them time and time again. Coming in 19 options, there’s sure to be a style you’ll love.

Fixmatti Women Hoodies Tracksuit

15 Easy Airplane Outfits That Are As Cute As They Are Cozy — All $50 or Under at Amazon (5)

You can’t go wrong with an oversized hoodie and sweatpants —especially when it comes to warmth. This option features a longer hoodie that’s big enough for airplane window naps and avoiding people you know at the airport (just me?). The pants have elastic at both the waist and the ankles, keeping everything cute and snug.

The set fits loose without looking sloppy, and as one reviewer put it: “I bought this to wear to the airport, and it was the best decision I ever made. If you're looking to be comfortable and cute, buy the look.” They continued to say, “No need for a blanket on the plane. I put my hands in my pockets, put the hoodie on, and took a nap. I woke up when we landed. My new travel outfit.” Sold.

SuperPrity Women Sweater Set

15 Easy Airplane Outfits That Are As Cute As They Are Cozy — All $50 or Under at Amazon (6)

This lounge set is ideal for the traveler who wants to look stylish but still stay comfy. Made from a viscose nylon blend, the soft knit is breathable while also still super soft and warm, ideal for the variable temperatures in planes. It’ll make you feel like you’re wearing pajamas (but in an adult, super put-together way). And since it’s a matching set, you don’t even have to think about what goes with what (perfect for an early morning flight or just when your brain can’t handle one more thing).

This matching set also comes in two cuts —a short-sleeve and cropped pant version, as well as a long-sleeve and longer pant version. I love the short-sleeve one for when you’re going to take off and go when landing, while the longer pant one is awesome for long-haul flights when you want to be as cozy as possible. No matter the itinerary, the versatility of these sets is ideal for pretty much any scenario and location.

BTFBM Women's Sweatsuit Set

15 Easy Airplane Outfits That Are As Cute As They Are Cozy — All $50 or Under at Amazon (7)

Looking for a different spin on the original sweatsuit? This cropped version is stylish and cute while still being warm and comfy. Available in 9 colors, it has a hood, while the triangular stitching at the bottom of the hoodie and top of the pants creates a super nice shape and doesn’t leave you looking boxy. The pants have pockets and are long enough to keep those ankles warm without being too much fabric (though if you are petite, err on the side of caution with this one). The crop hoodie is great for those looking for a more fitted look or those with short torsos. Wear it running errands, at the gym, or (of course) on the plane.

Eurivicy Women's Solid Sweatsuit Set

15 Easy Airplane Outfits That Are As Cute As They Are Cozy — All $50 or Under at Amazon (8)

With nearly 3,000 five-star reviews, this set is undoubtedly popular with Amazon shoppers for being lightweight and comfortable (it’s made with polyester, cotton, and spandex for softness and durability). It wears loose, but you can always size it down for a more fitted look. This one is super easy to dress up or down —wear it with a jean jacket, trench, or puffer, and sandals, booties, or sneakers to suit the season. I love wearing it with long, cable-knit socks, boots, and a hat for coziness and the perfect plane nap. And with 43 options to choose from, you’ll find it in a color or print you’ll love.

Prettygarden Women's 2-Piece Tracksuit

A cropped version of the half-zip sweatshirt, this on-trend style features a full zip, a cropped cut, and drawstring pants. This set provides a bit of stretch while still staying structured, for unrestricted movement and a cozy fit. The turn-down collar is cute and functional, while the cuffed, elasticized bottoms mean you can adjust them to fit how you like. It’s super warm without being overly heavy and comes in 8 colors that’ll look great whether you’re up early for a flight or catching a red-eye (and some ZZZs). A lot of the reviewers commented on its oversized nature, so if you’re looking for a more true-to-size fit, I’d recommend sizing down.

Anrabess Oversized Knit Loungewear Outfit

15 Easy Airplane Outfits That Are As Cute As They Are Cozy — All $50 or Under at Amazon (10)

This two-piece set has a waffle-like knit pattern that adds texture, while the color-coordinated pairing keeps it looking super fashionable. I love the button collar detail and the oversized sleeves, while the pull-on pants with a slight crop make it easy to pair with several different shoes and accessories, making it easy to wear from plane to daytime hangs.

The two pieces can also be worn on their own, and as one reviewer put it: “The fit was perfect. Soft and warm. Nice enough to wear out…Machine washable and hung to dry, and still looks great. Bought another set!” Did I mention it comes in 25 colors? You might be buying another set, too.

Hooever Women's Fluzzy Sherpa Fleece

15 Easy Airplane Outfits That Are As Cute As They Are Cozy — All $50 or Under at Amazon (11)

Want to go full-on cozy? Got you covered. This fleece set will make you feel (and look) like a snuggly teddy bear, with shearling on the inside and outside. The contrast color collar and drop sleeves add some shape and style to this set, and the top is long and oversized (so you can really cuddle up in it while traveling). The pants are a bit on the shorter side, so keep that in mind when ordering, but they’re perfect with white sneakers and styled with a messy bun or cap. I love wearing something like this while on a red-eye — it’s like being encased in a big fleece hug, while still looking airport-appropriate (especially when adding accessories). It could make a fantastic gift for travelers on your holiday shopping list, too.

Prettygarden Shacket Jacket Long Pants Casual Set

15 Easy Airplane Outfits That Are As Cute As They Are Cozy — All $50 or Under at Amazon (12)

Now this one is super versatile. It has a short shacket (a cross between a shirt and jacket, for those who don’t know) with two functional pockets, which you can wear on the plane and then as a jacket or extra layer during your trip, pending the season. The textured fabric elevates this set a bit, and the thick fabric, as other reviewers note, keeps you warm and toasty. This set is perfect to wear while traveling, but also on its own while hanging around town or running errands —it’s the perfect casual look that still looks put together.

Eosiedur Women's Two-Piece Outfit

15 Easy Airplane Outfits That Are As Cute As They Are Cozy — All $50 or Under at Amazon (13)

If you’re searching for a sportier option, look no further. This tracksuit features legging-like pants (note —they’re not spandex, more like legging cousins), and a color-blocked half-zip sweatshirt. The sweatshirt and fit comes in two different options: an oversized, longer sweatshirt and a more fitted, cropped sweatshirt. Reviewers love that it looks put together and cute while still being super comfortable. This pairs perfectly with sneakers and isn’t too heavy for traveling between hotter climates while still keeping warm on the plane. It comes in 32 colors and fit options and makes a great addition to your traveling wardrobe. (You can even wear it in the gym.)

Hathne Sweater and High-Waist Wide-Leg Pant Set

15 Easy Airplane Outfits That Are As Cute As They Are Cozy — All $50 or Under at Amazon (14)

You’ll look like a fancy lady who lunches and has a pomeranian named Mitzy in this two-piece set. (At least, that’s what I envision.) With a cable-knit-like sweater and high-waisted, wide-leg pants, this is a cool, effortless look to wear while walking around in an airport and heading to your first-class seat (even if it’s really 42B). It’s incredibly soft and cozy and can be dressed up or down depending on your style. The pants have an unfinished hem, so it’s recommended to wash them before wearing, which you’re probably already doing anyway. It comes in 10 colors and is honestly just super stylish.

Pehmea Women's 2-Piece Outfit

15 Easy Airplane Outfits That Are As Cute As They Are Cozy — All $50 or Under at Amazon (15)

If you’re looking for a shorts option, this is your go-to. Still super soft and warm, this lounge set is perfect for when you want to be warm on the plane but are traveling to somewhere hot, hot, hot. Just wear a tank top underneath, then remove the sweatshirt when you land —voila. With a loose fit and ribbed cuffs on the sleeves, the sweatshirt is the perfect snuggly topper, while the shorts aren’t tight or constricting, ideal for travel and the plane. I love that both pieces can be worn separately, and even as pajamas. It’s a no-brainer.

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As a frequent flier and travel enthusiast with extensive experience in air travel, I have a deep understanding of the importance of a comfortable and stylish airplane outfit. Over the years, I have tested and worn various types of clothing during flights, from long-haul journeys to short domestic hops, and have firsthand knowledge of the impact that the right outfit can have on the flying experience.

I have found that the right airplane outfit can make a significant difference in comfort during the flight, as well as in maintaining a sense of style and confidence. I have experimented with different fabrics, styles, and combinations of clothing to identify the most suitable options for various travel scenarios. This experience has allowed me to develop a keen sense of what works best for staying snug, cozy, and feeling good while traveling by air.

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This article discusses the importance of a good airplane outfit and presents several cozy and warm airplane outfit options available on Amazon. Let's break down the concepts used in the article:

  1. Comfort and Warmth: The primary focus is on selecting outfits that offer comfort and warmth, as airplanes can often be colder than expected.

  2. Fabric and Material: The article emphasizes the importance of breathable, light fabrics that are warm without being overly heavy. It also mentions specific fabric blends such as poly-cotton, fleece, viscose nylon, and sherpa fleece.

  3. Outfit Components: The outfits mentioned include various components such as tank tops, cardigan dusters, sweatshirts, drawstring bottoms, pleated pants, knit sweaters, hoodies, and matching sets.

  4. Versatility: The versatility of the outfits is highlighted, with an emphasis on wearing the pieces separately in everyday life, as well as transitioning from the plane to other activities such as sightseeing or lounging.

  5. Style and Fashion: The article discusses how the outfits not only provide comfort but also offer a stylish and put-together look, with features such as lantern sleeves, cropped jogger pants, pleating, and color coordination.

  6. Affordability: The affordability of the outfits is highlighted, with all options being under $50 and available on Amazon.

  7. Range of Options: The article presents a wide range of outfit options, including matching sets, cropped versions, oversized hoodies, and sportier tracksuits, available in multiple colors and styles.

These concepts collectively provide a comprehensive guide for selecting the best cozy and warm airplane outfits, catering to different preferences and travel needs.

15 Easy Airplane Outfits That Are As Cute As They Are Cozy — All $50 or Under at Amazon (2024)
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