Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (2024)

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Yeah girl, here’s how to dress like a baddie and slay your way through life! You’ll not lack baddie outfits inspo today!

Are you in awe of those chic influencers who exude nothing but a “Baddie” vibe in all their pictures and videos? Do you feel envious of those Gen Z kids who manage to look flawless in whatever they wear? Do you wish to create a fashion statement without compromising your comfort?

Then, babe, you must take some notes from your favorite fashion influencers, create your own style and embrace the trending “baddie” outfit ideas.

But Wait! Who is a Baddie?

And what it has to do with fashion anyways?

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Darling chill! Let me introduce you to the latest trend in the world of ‘Gram and TikTok.

Baddies are none other than the chill, cool girl gangs who look effortlessly glamorous in whatever they wear. Their hair flips establish their “I don’t give a damn” vibe as these queens walk with their chins high. Baddies are all set to conquer the world, and their never-say-die attitude makes them real-life heroes.

Now you know what I am talking about, right? And you do realize how often you wanted to resemble those baddies in your very own way!

Oh, come on! Stop lying to yourself that you have never wished yourself to look so drop-dead gorgeous, just like these glam divas. We all are guilty of comparing our personal lives with the glittering social and personal lives of celebs.

But what is so different about being a baddie and flaunting those baddie vibes?

The difference lies in the ease of accessibility! Yes, girl, you read it right!

Dressing like a baddie is NOT rocket science. The best part of this fashion styling is its effortlessness. Baddies do not follow any fashion rule book. Rather, they mix and match multiple outfits, accessories and makeup to bring out that one effortless look that helps them stand out in the crowd.

And at the same time, these baddies never ever compromise on their comfort.

So, what on earth is baddie fashion?

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Patience darling! I will help you with all that you want to know.

Right now, your mind must be eager to know that straightforward formula that will help you look like a baddie. And that’s why you wish to know what is baddie fashion styling all about. So, here you go!

Baddie fashion is all about flaunting street-style fashion while emanating a classic diva-like aura. Did you not get me yet?

Well, baddies do not hesitate to combine oversized hoodies, sweatshirts, and chunky boots with feminine makeup and classic accessories. So by this definition, dressing like a baddie involves fearless styling, experimental layering and a dash of the right makeup here and there.

And no, dressing like a baddie is not restricted to any specific season.

Summer, Fall, Monsoon- whatever the season, you can dress like a baddie and look oh-so-heavenly!

Tips on how to dress like a true-blue baddie!

Here’s what you must add to your cutesy wardrobe to bring on that kickass baddie vibe, that too, without spending a bomb!

1. Modish overall

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (3)

This year is all about stylish overalls, jumpsuits and dungarees. Grab a few and add to your wardrobe so that you never run out of inspiration for your baddie outfits. Overalls keep you comfortable, all the while adding to that baddie energy. This outfit renders a sleek and slender look to the wearer.

Overalls, dungarees and jumpsuits can be of different fabrics- silk, cotton, corduroy and so on. But out of all these, denim overalls are the most popular.

Here’s a sassy, all-black denim overall that you won’t regret having in your wardrobe. Pair it with a white crop top, and you are ready to win a battle, girl!

2. Oversized pullovers

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (4)

There’s something warm, snuggly, and extra-comforting about oversized outfits, isn’t it? And what about those cozy and cuddlesome pullovers that keep you warm and also raise the heat for the onlookers simultaneously?

Babe, these oversized sweaters and pullovers are a perfect choice for those Instagram-worthy shots. Also, they give you that effortless, chick look when paired with the right pair of jeans or even mini skirts. Balloon sleeves add to the charm of your oversized pullovers.

Bonus tip: Tuck in oversized pullovers partially to bring that effortless vibe to your attire!

3. Boyfriend hoodies

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (5)

How many hoodies have you stolen to date from your bae’s wardrobe?

Let me go first! 5!!! And no, I am NOT GUILTY at all.

Haha! There’s something so amorous, romantic and dreamy about boyfriend hoodies. And damn! They smell oh-so-good!

And I believe that the best hoodies cannot be bought from a brand showroom. It cannot be the best one until you steal it from your lover’s wardrobe.

It adds to that gangsta’ look and also protects you from the chilly winter. By putting that hoodie on, you can walk with grace, ignoring all the bullshits of the world.

So, get your hands on one of those boyfriend hoodies, and style it with a pair of denim shorts.

4. Sexy activewear

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (6)

Who says sportswear is meant only for a sweaty workout session? Girl, you can burn the world in your flame as you walk straight out of your car in sassy athleisure wear, and the world will go crazy for you!

It is time to flaunt your curves and toned body in the most luscious way possible!

Invest in voguish gym clothing and put them on confidently on casual occasions. The catch is to do the right layering and pairing!

You can never go wrong with a denim jacket, though. Just layer your activewear with a denim jacket and see the magic!

The best part about this combo is that it looks as smooth as butter yet adds to that boss babe vibe.

5. Rough and tough cargo pants

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (7)

If you wish to ditch your feminine avatar and opt for a tom-boyish look, opt for rough and tough cargo pants. These pants add to that hipster look but with a twist of style and daintiness.

When you pair your cargo pants with chunky sneakers, you look no less than that baddie who dares to live life on her own terms.

Cargo pants go flawlessly well with hoodies, biker jackets and body-hugging crop tops. They are ideal for a girls’ night out, brunch, or a casual date.

While scrolling through the internet, I came across these fabulous cargo pants and immediately fell in love with the color and seamless design. Go have a look at it!

6. body-hugging dresses

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (8)

Who said you can’t wow the crowds with your curves? Bodycon dresses are becoming a go-to piece of clothing for many fashion aficionados who love to show the world how beautiful their body shapes look.

This wardrobe staple has become incredibly popular over the years and is guaranteed to make any woman look like a proverbial baddie!

The snug fit shows off all the right curves, providing an ultra-flattering silhouette and undeniably stylish vibe. With strategic tailoring and confidence that mesmerizes, bodycon dresses are an amazing way to rock your look like no other outfit can!

So go ahead—work those curves, girl—and feel like the saddest of baddies in style.

7. varsity jackets

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (9)

A varsity jacket is the ultimate fashion statement to look like a baddie – an instant identity-maker. Whether you’re in school, have graduated, or don’t have any association with any team, the look of a classic letterman jacket is undeniably cool and why everyone from Kanye West to Kylie Jenner has been caught wearing one.

The great thing about varsity jackets is that they can be customized with your own design and colors to offer something differently stylish while still being able to make a bold statement. It’s easy to see why wearing a varsity jacket is the ultimate way to look like a baddie.

8. Tees with statements

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (10)

Who does not love tees that speak their minds? I myself am a big fan of printed tees that carry meaningful statements and set a vibe around me.

Get yourself a few statement tees that allow you to flaunt your personality and natural traits. Either you can go for oversized tees and tie and tuck them in style. Or, you can put on body-hugging tees that are vocal about your state of mind.

These printed tees look way too hotter when you style them up with denim shorts or cargo pants.

Pro Tip: A flashy boot and a chunky neckpiece can add further to your overall charm.

9. Curve-hugging mini skirts

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (11)

We, girls, can never fall out of love with our minis, do we?

Be it summer or winter, mini skirts are our all-time favorites. So what makes them an inseparable part of baddie-style fashion?

Well, mini skirts make you look fiercely self-assertive. Also, when you style them the right way, it makes the overall outfit effortless and easygoing. They focus on your feminine self and, at the same time, exude an aura of dominance.

While adding these dainty outfits to your cart, pay attention to the fabric, fitting, hemline and pattern of the skirts.

Here’s a classic black mini skirt that you can rock with a satin shirt or tank top.

10. Evergreen denim jackets

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (12)

Denim jackets, to me, are what water is to a fish!

I mean, I can not even imagine my wardrobe sans a couple of denim jackets in different hues of blue!

On days when you feel like you have nothing to wear (trust me, there will be so many of such days 😉), you can simply put your favorite denim jacket over a white spaghetti strap top, pair it with denim shorts or jeans, put on a funky boat hat and complete the look with a pair of kickass sneakers.

A denim jacket is like that magic wand that can transform your dull, regular outfit into baddie aesthetic fashion in no time.

And guess what? You don’t have to come back home before 12 like Cinderella 😁

11. Sassy crop tops

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (13)

Last but not least, do not forget to get your hands on some funky and voguish crop tops. Your baddie wardrobe won’t be complete without a few crop tops. Invest in bright colors, neons, monochromes, pastel shades, etc., to add an element of variety to your outfit. Also, do not be afraid to experiment with patterns, necklines, sleeves, and so on.

12. Uber-cool denim shorts

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (14)

If you are looking for something comfy yet sassy, this is hands down the best outfit idea for you!

Hoard a pair of uber-cool denim shorts.

Sleek, voguish, easy-to-wear and never out of style- that’s how we can define our favorite denim shorts. They always help you glow up and make you feel confident about your body type.

Light-weight, stretchable and relaxing- denim shorts have always been my personal favorite. I personally prefer pairing my denim shorts with tank tops and printed tees.

You can also try them with a fitted spaghetti top and a printed shrug. Don’t forget to put on your favorite pair of sneakers to complete that look!

Accessories you can’t miss if you wish to dress like a baddie!

Just clothes are not enough to give you that baddie vibe, lady! If you wish to shine like a true blue fashionista, you must have your accessories game on point! Here’s a list of accessories that accentuate your baddie vibe and help you stand out from the crowd!

1. Wraparound sunglasses

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (15)

Wanna become a certified baddie? Then you must invest in a pair of wraparound sunglasses, as they are literally taking this year by storm! You do not have to fret about your budget, babe, as there are so many dupes available too.

2. Beanies

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (16)

Just like boyfriend hoodies, there’s something extremely comforting about beanies. These snuggly and warm caps make you look super adorable. Also, they can instantly add a pop of color to your baddie attire. Pair it with a denim jacket and cargo pants, and you are ready to slay it like a pro!

3. Ear muffs

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (17)

I love ear muffs as much as I love my cup of hot chocolate coffee! I mean, they are oh-so-cute!

And they keep you warm in style. A total win-win situation, isn’t it?

Whether you want an adorable look or a swanky one, there are ample ear muff designs available. Go for the one that suits your attire and mood.

4. Chunky boots

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (18)

Babe! I have a confession to make.

Boots are my most prized possession ever! I love to splurge on my boots, and it won’t be wrong if you call me a boot hoarder!

Well. Boots define your tined legs and also add to your overall appearance. Their sleek and stylish texture is something that grabs the attention of the onlooker.

So, if you ask me about that one baddie accessory that you can’t do without, it would be a pair of chunky boots.

5. Sporty sneakers

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (19)

Sneakers are not just boys’ things! Even girls love their kicks. And why not?

These sneakers can be paired effortlessly with cargo pants, mini skirts, overalls, joggers, activewear and whatnot. Sneakers serve as a one-stop solution for all your baddie outfit ideas!

When in doubt, put on sneakers!

6. Bucket hats

Baddie Fashion: How To Look & Dress Like A Baddie (with Outfits) (20)

Oh! These are cute and trendy!

You must have a few of them in your wardrobe. You can choose from flannel bucket hats or corduroy ones. It is ideal to choose neutral colors, though. Bucket hats are known for their aesthetic touch. The moment you put on one, your entire attire gets revamped.

In a nutshell! – how to dress like a baddie

Dressing like a baddie is nothing but to establish your very own style statement and garnish it with a hint of Y2K energy! It is all about being comfortable in your own skin and creating a fashion statement with confidence.

Next time you feel clueless about what to wear, refer to this blog.

And most importantly, know that fashion is less of what is trending and more of your personal taste. Let me sum up baddie fashion in an equation for you:

Evergreen attires + Comfort + Confidence + Attitude = Baddie fashion

So princess, now that you know the ins and outs of a baddie fashion wardrobe, are you ready to join the baddie bandwagon?

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