Best Shoes for High Arches: Expert Picks & Buyer’s Guide (2024)

What are the Best Shoes for High Arches?

Are you on the hunt for the best shoes for high arches? In this handy guide, we will discuss what the best shoes for high arches are, whether you are looking for everyday wear or something a little more glamorous.

Let’s start with the most important factors to consider before you pull out your purse and head into town. Style-wise, you don’t need to worry about missing out. High arch support shoes are available across all genres of shoe. Heels, Flats, Trainers and Sandals with supportive arches, wedges, and running shoes for high arches can typically be the sole-mate you’re looking for. Don’t forget these other common factors to consider:

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Feather White Leather - High Arch Support Shoes

1) High Arch Support Shoes

The best shoes for high arch support are carefully crafted with a special arch support mechanism that resembles a small memory foam pillow to offer enhanced support. These shoes boast a contoured footbed that perfectly matches your foot's natural curvature, allowing your body weight to evenly distribute across your feet.

Although you may not necessarily feel pain with high arches, those with the condition tend to roll their feet inwards; this is known as pronation. Does that sound familiar? If so, you may notice more stress on your feet, especially when standing up for long periods of time. This is why it's important to get the right support to improve alignment and reduce strain.

What's more, you can prevent injury with better stability, avoiding common injuries such as plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, and stress fractures. Another reason why, for those who love wearing high heels, we ensure this support is present in all closed-back heels. Yes, some of the best shoes for arches are heels!

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Carmen Navy Patent - Heeled Shoes for High Arches

2) Shoes with Adequate Cushioning

One of the key features of comfortable high arch support shoes is their exceptional softness and cushioning. This is something we take very seriously at Sole Bliss, where we incorporate three layers of high-quality, anti-bacterial memory foam underfoot in all our shoes.

Breaking it down, the base layer is dedicated to high-performance shock absorption, protecting the ball of your foot from the pressures of daily life. The middle layer contours your foot for custom support, while the top layer cushions your entire foot. This is music to the ears of many of you with high arches, as it feels super soft—a valuable attribute if you tend to exert extra pressure on the ball and heel of your foot. This is a common occurrence for those with high arches. So slip your feet into a pair of the best shoes for high arches!

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Feather Grey Suede - High Arch Support Trainers

3) Shoes with Shock Absorption

As we mentioned before, if you have high arches, it is likely that you experience excessive strain on your joints and muscles as you may tend to fall heavily on the balls and heels of your feet. To make sure you find the most comfortable high arch shoes, look for ones with shock-absorbing memory foam, especially if you are busy on your feet either working or exercising. Sole Bliss’ running shoes for high arches, such as our Feather orSprint design, provide ultra-cushioned, contoured footbeds, offering unrivalled all-day comfort for busy feet.

4) Shoes with Good Balance

Did you know that if you have high arches, your feet may be less stable? It’s that pesky rolling of the feet outwards again (pronation) which can affect your balance and put extra pressure on your feet. We recommend investing in high arch support shoes which provide a solid foundation, such as those with arch support and cushioning, to help reduce the risk of discomfort.

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Savannah Taupe Suede - Best Shoes for High Arches

What to know about High Arches

We’ve discussed the best shoes for high arch support, but what else is there to know about high arches? The official term for this condition is pes cavus, and only 20% of adults live with it. Although many people say they don’t feel much pain with high arches compared to flat feet, you can still end up suffering from painful foot conditions.

Ever wondered if you have high arches? Why not try out this simple test. First, wet your feet and stand on a large piece of paper. Allow the moisture from your feet to sink into the paper and then remove them. If you have high arches, the imprint on the paper will be only of the front and heel of your foot with nothing in between.

What Causes High Arches?

Unfortunately, this is a condition that largely comes down to genetics – so blame your grandparents! However, some neurological conditions can cause high arches, such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, muscular dystrophy, or cerebral palsy, due to muscle imbalances and weakness in the feet. Injuries can also cause high arches, such as fractures or nerve damage, and even wearing the wrong shoes can be a culprit, especially those that don’t provide the best support for high arches or are too tight.

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Star Denim Leather - High Arch Support Trainers

Best Shoes for High Arches

We work closely with leading podiatrist, Dr Brad Schaeffer to design comfortable shoes for high arches. Here, we have selected the best shoes for high arches that you can wear from the office to the restaurant and more.

  • Trainers for women with high arches
  • Wedges for women with high arches
  • Boots for women with high arches

Best Overall Shoes for High Arches

Nancy Silver Leather - Shoes for High Arch Support

Why we like it

Nancy in Silver Leather: With the ability to seamlessly transition between seasons, ournew Mary-Jane has a cushioned footbed with luxurious underfoot cushioning. Podiatrist approved and using the softest leather, these shoes were definitely made for walking! Our anti-pronating arch support and an adjustable strapprovide extra support.

Most ComfortableShoes for High Arches

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Star Taupe Leather - Most Comfortable Shoes for High Arches

Why we like it

Step out in style! Boasting an ultra-cushioned and contoured footbed, this Italian handcrafted leather trainer is ideal for every comfort. With full, soft leather lining and built in award winning Juanet Technology® you’ll never want to take these shoes off.

Best for Durability -Shoes for High Arches

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Panther Black Leather -Durable Shoes for High Arches

Why we like it

With its stylish leather upper and gunmetal chain detailing, these chunky loafers are right on-trend. Thanks to its dark chunky sole, shock resistance, underfoot triple layer cushioning and built-in award-winning Juanet Technology®, these durable loafers are the perfect shoes for high arches.

Best for Cushioned Support

Best Shoes for High Arches: Expert Picks & Buyer’s Guide (9)

Why we like it

Diva by name, Diva by nature! Fabulously comfortable, these shoes come with azip and laces design for easy entry and full soft leather lining, making them nothing short of iconic. Our ultra-cushioned, anatomically contoured footbed provides the utmost in comfort and high arch support.

Choosing the Right Shoes for High Arches

So to recap, when choosing the best shoes for high arches, it is best to find shoes that provide excellent arch support. Be it from built-in arch support mechanisms, wide toes which ensure that the front of your feet have plenty of space to relax, and anatomically contoured footbeds, you can help reduce the risk of discomfort and potential balance issues.

Insoles and Orthotics for High Arches

In some cases, you may find that even the very best shoes require a little extra support. This is where insoles and orthotics – custom-made shoe inserts prescribed by a podiatrist - for high arches come into play. Tailored to fit your specific arch shape, you simply place these insoles into your shoes to complement the existing support and cushioning.

Managing High Arches

Long term, managing the difficulties that come with high arches goes beyond choosing the right footwear. We recommend speaking to a doctor or podiatrist and seek out ways you can combine regular stretching exercises for the calf muscles and Achilles tendon to help alleviate tension caused by high arches.

If you suspect any neurological conditions that might be contributing to your high arches, we strongly recommend speaking to a healthcare professional.

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Tabitha Taupe Croc - Loafers for High Arches

Frequently Asked Questions about High Arches

What are high arches?

High arches, known medically as pes cavus, refer to a foot condition characterised by an exaggerated arch of the foot's midsection. This condition causes the ball and heel of the foot to bear most of the body's weight, potentially leading to various foot-related issues.

Can wearing the wrong shoes worsen high arches?

Yes, wearing the wrong shoes can worsen high arches. It's essential to choose footwear with adequate arch support, cushioning, and shock absorption to help maintain proper alignment and reduce strain on the feet. Ill-fitting or unsupportive shoes can contribute to the progression of high arch-related problems, so selecting the right shoes is crucial for individuals with this condition.

How can I ensure the longevity of my high arch support shoes?

To prolong the life of your high arch support shoes, it's advisable to rotate between multiple pairs, allow them to air out between wears, and follow the manufacturer's care instructions. Regular cleaning and maintenance can also extend their durability.

What Makes Sole Bliss the Best for High Arches?

Beautifully crafted from the finest leathers, our skilled artisans obsess over every detail to create the most comfortable shoes for a variety of food conditions. Underfoot in all Sole Bliss shoes, three distinct layers of high quality, anti-bacterial memory foam provide a custom-cushioning system. The Base Layer provides high-performance shock absorption and protects the ball of your foot, while the Middle Layer contours your foot for custom support.

The Top Layer offers ultimate softness and cushioning under your entire foot. With a feeling that you’re walking on air, this small memory foam pillow is present in all Sole Bliss closed-back heels. Finally, our superior arch support is designed to hold your foot in the correct position and counter pronation - the inward rolling of the foot.

You can browse our full collection of shoes for high arches here.

Best Shoes for High Arches: Expert Picks & Buyer’s Guide (2024)
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